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Boy Scout Leader Specific- June 10, 12, 17

Boy Scout LogoFine tune your troop meeting, patrol method, counseling, advancement, outings, youth training, troop committee, budget and planning skills – get your questions answered and have confidence in your ability to lead troop activities and adventurous outings.

See the Event Flyer for more information.
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills - June 20-22

Boy Scout Logo The course is an important and enjoyable part of the basic preparations for a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or any registered adult leader working in direct contact with Scouts. It covers the outdoor skills expected of a New Scout though First Class Scout.

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National Youth Leadership Training - June 22-28

Boy Scout Logo What Wood Badge is to adult leaders, NYLT is to youth leaders. Come learn valuable leadership skills in a scouting environment.

See the Brochure and the Application for more information.
Wood Badge - September 19-21, October 4-6

Boy Scout LogoWood Badge is training in group leadership skills for volunteers in all levels of Boy Scouting (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, Varsity, Concil and District Positions).

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What Makes a Trained Leader?

National Guidlines

Mandatory Youth Protection Training
Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of the BSA.

To increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist today in Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is implementing several important changes to further enhance its Youth Protection policies.

Effective June 1, 2010:
-- Youth Protection training is required for all registered volunteers.
-- New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before they submit an application for registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins.
-- Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer's Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be reregistered.

For more information, see:

How can I take Youth Protection training on-line without a member ID number?
1. Go to the "MyScouting" log-in page.
2. Select "create an account".
3. Enter a user name. (Could be your email address but does not have to be.)
4. Select "I am new and don't know my member ID, or I am not a member".
5. Enter your profile information and enter the verification image. *Note, the verification image IS case sensitive.
6. Go back to the my scouting log-in page where you started.
7. Select "Forgot my password" and follow the prompts to choose and enter the password you want.
8. Go back to the log-in page and log-in with your user name and password. Follow the prompts to Youth Protection training.

*Note: When you become registered with an ID number, you will go back into the account you've already started, select "Profile Information" and add your ID number at the bottom of the form. You do NOT need to start a new account when you get your ID number.

BSA National Web Sites
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Mandatory Unit Leader Training
BSA is continuing to implement mandatory training for all direct contact adult leaders.  Leader training will eventually be required for a unit to recharter.

  • In 2011:  All top leaders will need to be trained (Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Coaches, Advisors, Skippers)
  • in 2012:  All direct contact leaders will need to be trained (Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders) 

The following ar already mandatory: