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Legacy Lid

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Redwood Empire Council #41

Lodge History

1/1994 - Present

+ Information on our Legacy Lodges

In 1992, the Redwood Empire Council was formed from a merger of the Redwood Area Council and the Sonoma Mendocino Area Council.  As part of the Council merger, work began on merging the lodges.  Cabrosha Lodge and Mow-A-Toc had long and storied pasts, being very active in Section W3B and other OA activities.  In 1993 Lodge 537 was chartered with "No Lodge Name" and during the transition period, lodge flaps were issued that included the totems of both legacy lodges (complying with the "one lodge per council" rule but honoring the transition was still taking place).  Two intense years of planning and organizing finally came to a close with the formation of Orca Lodge 194. Orca Lodge held its first Lodge Dinner on January 6, 1994. It is only fitting that 194 was granted as the Lodge's number, as it symbolizes the date (1/94) of the founding of the Lodge. The totem of the Lodge is that of the Killer whale, or Orca.

Over the subsequent years, Orca Lodge has been recognized Nationally with the following:

Over the years, Orca has worked with many changes at many levels (Districts, Council & Section).  In January of 2012 Redwood Empire Council was being reorganized, effective immediately.  The former Sonoma-Mendocino Area Council would continue as Redwood Empire Council, while the area of the former Redwood Area Council (Humboldt and Del Norte counties) would transfer to Crater Lake Council.  This change brought many challenges for the young Arrowmen that were left in Orca, but they rose to the challenge with the officers of Cabrosha chapter transitioning into their respective Orca Lodge positions almost overnight.

Orca continues to be a strong supporter of our Council, with both the Lodge Chief and Lodge Adviser being members of the Council Executive Board, and in staffing many District and Council events each year.

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