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Oct 17, 2020
Commissioner Summit

BSA Financial Reorganization

On February 18, 2020, the National Council Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to achieve two key objectives - equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in Scouting, and continue to carry out Scouting’s mission for years to come.

We want to highlight important points relevant to our own Redwood Empire Council BSA

  • Redwood Empire Council has not filed for bankruptcy. Our council is legally separate, distinct, and financially independent from the National Council.
  • Scouting programs will continue. This means that unit meetings and activities, district and council events, other Scouting adventures and countless service projects will take place as usual. In short, we expect no changes to the local Scouting experience in our area. 
  • Scouting is safer now than ever before. Over many years, the BSA has developed some of the strongest expert-informed youth protection policies found in any youth-serving organization. We can also assure you that our volunteers and employees take youth protection extremely seriously and do their part to help keep kids safe.
  • Restricted donations – past, present or future – can only be used for their designated purpose. In addition, Friends of Scouting (FOS) and other annual donations made to our council will continue to fund necessary day-to-day expenses that are critical to local Scouting programs. 

While we do not anticipate the national organization’s bankruptcy filing will have any direct impact on the local Scouting experience or your involvement with our council, we understand you may still have questions about these issues and things you will see in the news. To that end, the national organization has established a dedicated restructuring website, www.BSArestructuring.orgExternal Link

This BSA site includes a helpful Resources pageExternal Link, where you will find a short video explaining what Chapter 11 means for Scouting, as well as a FAQ. The site’s Milestones pageExternal Link will be your best source for the latest updates throughout this process.  

All members past and present who may be a potential claimant are receiving notice by mail and by media outreach over the next few months.  Your council is not involved in this process.  The "bar date" for any claims is November 16, 2020.

If you have any questions about local Scouting, you can always feel free to reach out directly to your commissioner to our friendly council staff members. 

Through your engagement and dedication to Scouting, we will continue to bring adventures, values and lifelong benefits to youth and our communities for generations to come. Thank you for your trust and support as we continue this important mission.