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Application forms for Special Needs Youth:

Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility

This form is used to document a disability, and is needed prior toppling for alternative merit badges. It is appropriate if a scout has a permanent disability that may preclude them from earning Eagle Scout before his 18th birthday. If a disability exists, a scout is highly encouraged to complete this form as soon as possible. His membership is coded, and he registers as a youth when he registers. This is a Council-level decision.


 Individual Scout Advancement Plan

Much like an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) is used to help school districts guide a student and allocates resources in a school setting, the ISAP is a way to document a scouts special needs and goals within scouting, and helps parents, scouts and leaders plan what resources will be needed to help a special needs scout succeed in scouting.


 (Application for Alternative Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges)

Merit badges must be completed in their entirety. If the merit badge requirements are beyond the capacity of a disabled scout, a different merit badge can potentially be substituted for the required one. It can NOT be started prior to requesting the alternative. It must be equally challenging to that scout as the original was intended to be. The scout must complete all other merit badge requirements prior to starting the alternative. This form is used to request an alternative merit badge. The Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility form MUST also be completed prior to this one. Examples of alternative merit badges are listed on the form. They are intended to be suggestions, and are not exclusive; other challenging merit badges can also be used.


Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank, No. 512-077 

This form is used to file for an extension to earn Eagle Scout. This form is used if a scout was on track to earn Eagle Scout, and circumstances beyond his control have temporarily interfered with that advancement. Examples might include a 17 year-old scout, well on his way to completing his advancement on time, and he’s involved in a bad car accident that precludes his involvement in scouting for 6 months as he recovers, or a natural disaster that overwhelms the resources within a community, precluding the scout from advancing for a brief period of time. This is a National-level decision, and is usually time-for-time.


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