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Redwood to Waves Adventure

Camp Noyo Redwood to Waves Adventures Trek starts out with a train ride on the California Western Railroad to the magical Camp Noyo. Your travel back in time will allow you to see the of the redwood forest, and practice your kayaking techniques in the Noyo River. You will meet your staff Trek guide who will lead you on your orientation building on the essential skills needed to carry out all of the task for this adventure.  

Following a short stay in camp you will board a west bound train to tunnel No. 1 where you will embark on the first leg of your adventure joining Liquid Fusion Kayaking on at float down the river investigating the flora and fauna of the Noyo River watershed and you will have the opportunity to perform a service project along the way. Jeff and Cate will provide careful guidance down the river to your camp site at Dolphin Island in the Noyo Harbor. (Tides are the essential part of this adventure in the event the tides are not time to the trains schedule, participants will return to Fort Bragg and be shuttled to Dolphin Island where they will Kayak up river and back down.)

At Dolphin Island a full service campground, Camp Noyo will provide all of your cooking essentials and food to manage your meals for the next three days.

Pacific Ocean Fishing Adventure is day three with a hike to the other side of the harbor. You will start to explore the ocean and try to hook that trophy Fish! Trek II is the largest Noyo harbor charter fishing boat. You will need to purchase a California fishing license before you begin your adventure. Depending on how you handle motion sickness something for sea sickness to assure your comfort will be an essential part of this trip.   

Depending on your scheduled fishing trip and your option to go horseback riding your crew will be shuttled to Ricochet Ridge Ranch for a ride up Ten Mile Beach and back to the ranch, during this ride you will be guided by exceptional horse men and women that will teach you the basics of horsemanship.

To add to the excitement on this trek a local crew club will teach you the fundamentals of rowing, then guide your team on a trip through the harbor  under your own power in a 12 man whaling boat. And if that is not enough the Noyo Harbor US Coast Guard Base will give you a guided tour of the  base and one of the rescue boats.  

With your final day upon you, the challenge will be appropriate as you master your kayaking skill in the harbor then the Pacific Ocean. Again Jeff and Cate of Liquid Fusion Kayak will help you use all your skill to plan and execute your adventure on open water. Both lifeguard’s professionalism and safety are their highest concerns. In this setting you will be able to roll with the waves, see the sea life in its natural habitat, and share great moments with your friends that will last you a life time. 

Upcoming Redwoods to Waves Treks

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