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Nov 14, 2020
Medicine Merit Badge - Session 1

Medicine Merit Badge Offering

Medicine Merit Badge

Medicine and health care are front and center in the news today.  Now would be a great time for Scouts to work on the Medicine Merit Badge.

Redwood Empire Council will be hosting a video conference webinar to do the work on the Medicine Merit Badge.  You will need to attend the webinar and do the work in the merit badge worksheet (linked in the event page).

Before you start, you will need Scoutmaster approval to work on the Medicine Merit Badge.  Please fill out the front side of a blue card that is linked on the event page and provide the course leader an email from your scoutmaster approving you to work on this merit badge.

You will be provided the event video conferencing login information after you signup and provide the Blue Card and Scoutmaster approval to the course leader (see the pre-class instructions)

  • Please read the Medicine Merit Badge pamphlet before the class.
  • Not recommended for young Scouts.
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